3 Ways to  Clean Your Tech




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Cleaning is the excuse many people need to kick things into high gear — whether it’s cleaning out the garage or changing home filters to get rid of  dust. Digital cleaning may not be on the list, yet.

When’s the last time you cleaned the unnecessary junk off your computer? Or backed up important files and updated pertinent software? Dedicate an afternoon to cleaning up your digital life amidst the other chores.

Get started with the following ideas from Emmy-winning technology reporter and radio host Brett Larson.

1. Give devices a literal spring cleaning. Like everything else, electronics get dirty. But most people aren’t going to take a kitchen sponge to their laptop, for good reason. Use the pre-moistened Windex Electronics Wipes to safely clean electronics, including TVs, laptops, smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles, cameras and keyboards.

2. Equip all mobile products with antivirus security. The majority of computer owners use some form of antivirus or malware protection, but fewer think about a smartphone or tablet security. Software like Norton 360 Multi-Device combines powerful PC, Mac and mobile device protection into one straightforward solution for up to five devices so users can safely surf, shop and socialize online, no matter the device. It protects against viruses, malicious websites and other threats, and automatically backs up files stored on a PC. Via cloud-based management, you can even remotely lock and locate a lost or stolen mobile device and then erase private information.

3. Time to upgrade? Sometimes cleaning really means replacing. If the family needs a new desktop, Dell’s XPS 18 Portable All in One — the thinnest and most portable All-in-One PC meant for both productivity and entertainment — has a full HD touch screen, under 5 lbs., that easily moves from room to room.

Or maybe it’s a smart phone causing you headaches. If the issue is battery or performance related, Larson says finding a new smart phone with the right processor may do the trick. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors run more than 770 mobile devices, providing seamless app switching, high-speed web browsing, social networking, gaming and 4G/LTE connectivity.